Online Building Diary

  • ​EASY OPERATION and unlimited number of accesses-work easily, clearly and mobile. Intuitive operation, control, insertion of domuments, photos or videos
  •  DAILY RECORDS-Overview of daily and extraordinary records, attendance, weather, schedule of work and more. You can access this data from anywhere, anywhere
  •  CLOUD-running an online building diary is addressed to the cloud, which is one of the most reliable and trusted solutions offered on the market

Attendance System

The attendance system is connected to the online building diary.


  • FAST and EASY-use the app on your mobile to enter the clock, leave, doctor, vacation or move to another building
  • OVERVIEW-List of worked hours and several years retrospectively, including earned money
  • ARCHIVE-documents such as work contract, certificates and more, you always have at hand

Chytrý pomocník pro firmy, zaměstnance i investory


  • ​In the online world, you will not be able to lose or devalue the building diary
  • You can inspect the building journal anytime, anywhere
  • Online environment accelerates communication and management
More time for important things

More time for important things
  • ​Do not delay with paperless. Spend more time real work or rest
  • The system automatically tracks the activities associated with the building diary
  • Automatically replenishes the weather, people on site and more...
Cost reduction

Cost reduction
  • ​There is no constant relocation of building journals for control of investor, building supervision, etc...
  • All the data of individual projects and operations of your company are in a common place in one application
  • The system itself will look back to all the essential


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